City of Sault Ste. Marie - Transportation Master Plan

The City of Sault Ste. Marie's Transportation Master Plan (TMP) Study is nearing completion! The Final Report, Final Report Executive Summary, and Final Report Appendices are available for download at the following links:

Final Report
Final Report Executive Summary
Final Report Appendices

The study has developed a pragmatic 20 year transportation plan that will assist the City in planning its road and street network in an orderly fashion while ensuring that public funds are spent wisely. The study reflects the City’s desire to develop a sustainable transportation system friendly to motorists, pedestrians and cyclists, responsive to the needs of the natural environment and supportive of the City’s economy. This study has been carried out through an open public process in accordance with the regulatory requirements of the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (EA) process.

Two Public Open Houses were held during the study where the public provided feedback on the study progress and study findings presented by the project team. The first Public Open House took place on November 27, 2012 while the second Open House took place on January 28, 2014. Over 40 people attended each open house and we received numerous comments. The presentation materials from both Public Open Houses can be downloaded on the Consultation page.

In addition to the Public Open Houses, an online public opinion survey was provided to you and we received over 1,000 submissions. The survey summary report documenting your input is available here and on the Consultation page.

Anyone with interest in the study can contact the project team at any time by clicking on the Feedback page and completing the feedback form.

The City of Sault Ste. Marie welcomes your input and invites you to get involved in helping to plan for and build our transportation network.